My top 5 places in India


I had almost two month in India. This is compared to its size not even close enough to see everything. But I tried to cover a bit of everything. The list of places I still want to visit is long though I will go back for sure.

The only plan I had when I hopped on the plane was visiting the region of Rajasthan and going on a camel safari ( which I never did..). Also I had a venture plan to meet up with my Scottish friend I met travelling in Nicaragua. But I didn’t know if or where or when that would be. I just let myself go with the flow and recommendations from fellow travellers.

My route: New Delhi – Agra – Varanasi – Jaipur – Pushkar – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Mt Abu – Mumbai – Chennai – Mamallapuram – Pondicherry – Madurai – Cochin – Bangalore – Mysore – Hampi – Palolem

For me, the world slowest traveler, that is a lot. 19 places in 50 days. I went pretty slow and  just how I am used to it in the north and almost flew through the south together with my Scottish friend which I surprisingly enjoyed a lot. Some of those places I only visited for a day, others I stayed five. The only flight I took within India was from Mumbai to Chennai and everything else I did by bus or train.


I can’t say if I liked the north or the south of India better, I can just say that they are different in many ways. Some things I liked better in the south some better in the north. But these are my 5 favorite places in India:

Pushkar is without a doubt one of my favorite destinations. I love the small streets, the low number of tuktuks and cars, the friendly vendors and all in all its laid back vibe ( for indian conditions) and it probably offers the best shopping possibilities




Mumbai is great. I only had 24 h there which just is not enough, but I got an amazing first impression and would highly recommend for first time India travellers to fly into Mumbai instead of Delhi, it would be a way softer start




Pondicherry it feels like being in a cute small town in France with all its boutiques and fancy restaurants and just two streets further down you are back in India. I love the mix of cultures and it is just perfect if you want a little break and if you enjoy french food




Varanasi is intense. It is jam-packed. It got so many shops and small streets and all are packed with travellers, locals any loads of animals. Watching the burning ghats is something so surreal and gives you some deeper thoughts. There is just so much diversity  and life in this town so that it takes a lot from you, but gives even more back to you




Hampi it is like the place to be for every traveler. The landscape is just insanely beautiful and unique. It feels like going back in time while exploring all the ruins. You also get the most incredible sunsets while trying to climb some boulders