I feel safe, traveling solo


Generally I think that traveling alone is no dangerous thing, but there are a few things that I avoid to do and that make me feel safe.

First of all – do your research. Don’t spend hours in front of your laptop before going to the next place, but do find out how the bus schedule is, if there is accommodation you can afford and if you have to make a reservation. This can safe you a lot of trouble and having a travel guide can become vey handy as well.

Wandering around a new city with your backpack, trying to find a hostel can be annoying, but doing it after sunset can make it scary and dangerous. I learned it the hard way when I went to Costa Rica and the bus ride took way longer than I thought and were wandering through Dominical in the rain without any clue what to do and all hostels seemed to be fully booked…

Avoid the beach by night. Weather you are in a group or alone. Don’t go swimming because you can’t tell how the waves are and if you get caught by a riptide there might be no one to help you out. There happen way more bad things at the beach than on crowded places like bars or markets.

You are feeling lost and everything looks a bit sketchy to you? Look up straight and walk confident as you were absolutly sure what you are doing. If you look scared and helpless people will notice and maybe spotting you as a easy victim. Pretending is everything. As soon as you feel better or spot a nice store go there and then have a look on your map/phone or ask for help.

Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with the people you met or the hostle you are staying at. Leave. Try to find other people or another hostel. Only because a place is cheap it is not worth staying there if you unsafe. That also incluedes to always lock up your valuables, don’t show them on the street and trying to only bring stuff that you wouldn’t be sad to loose or get stolen.