Gap Year // Central America // Work and Travel

Gap Year // Central America // Work and Travel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had the plan to do a gap year since my eight years older sister went to Italy as an Au Pair after graduating school. And as usual I thought for a long time I would be an Au Pair too or do Work & Travel in Australia or New Zeeland. Like everyone else.

When I actually graduated school this plan cracked. I did not want to be an Au Pair anymore. I did not want to go to Australia or New Zeeland. I did not want to have an agency. I wanted to do something different. My own small trip. Just me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had the tought in my head that if I fly to the other end of the world I do not only want to meet Germans everywhere and speek german nonstop. Obviously I wanted to go a harder way. So I thought after three less than not succesful years of spanish lessons I decided to go to an spanish speaking country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been looking for endless beaches, an endless summer and endless new experiences. Central America caught my attention very fast and one late night after work I decided my first destination : Panama. Maybe an unsual place to start your travels, but I did not know that at that point.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs mentioned, easy is not my thing. I had a job back home, but it was not even nearly enough money to travel for several month – and actually it tourned out being more expensive than expected… – so I had to work abroad, but of course I am not allowed to work there and I did not want to work for an agency I had to pay for working for them. I was sure there is an other way to work with cute wild animals or help children at school.

So I discovered Workaway, HelpX and Woofing – working in exchange of accomodation and food. And in my oppinion it is as good as Work & Travel. It extends my travel multiple weeks and so there was more money for the fun things while traveling.

After endless discussions with my parents and multiple vaccinations I jumped into a plane and into a totally new world and lifestyle.

That is how I disigned my own gap year abroard. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes I hated myself for just being stupid or uninformed and just not being in time. But most time I loved it. I would always do it again this way. And I am already planning my next trip.